Discover the 13 life-changing benefits of Meditation

Do you lack clarity and mental profit in your life?

Are you longing for a higher level of energy and being able to accommodate and manage more of the daunting and necessary tasks, that are send your way on a daily basis?

Is your dream to reach a more profound and lasting feeling of happiness and true peace of mind and body?

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Would you believe me if I said that all of the above could be achieved through nothing more than 10-20 minutes of daily meditation? Sounds too good to be true, right?

I have done my fair share of research about meditation and I have used the practice for longer periods in my life, but in the past I always seemed to quit practicing when it became too challenging or because I “didn’t have the time”.

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It’s time

Personally I’m in a place in my life where just surviving isn’t enough for me anymore. I want to live, excel and become the best version of myself, every day and forever. I need to expand and grow, and I’m ready to dive into what the world around me and my own mind has to offer. I’m curious and intrigued about everything and anything and I know that daily meditation is one of the best tools to achieve the mind and life that I seek.

When creating and running a company/pursuing a career/taking care of a family there is an almost constant pressure to perform with a high level of detail and quality, and I personally need to take a mental and physical break as often as I can, in order to stay focused and grounded.

I know that being an entrepreneur, like myself, isn’t the only high demanding job/life out there, and you can most likely recognize a few, if not all of the challenges that I mentioned above, from your own life. With the high pace of the world today, we could all benefit from a few minutes of tranquility and restitution every day.

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The needed rest

It makes sense that, in order to be a productive, creative, funny, interesting and successful person in all of life’s moments and situations, you have to feed yourself with what your mind needs – Rest.

According to research one of the most effective ways to create the mindset and framework for a successful life you want, and to reach a higher level of self-realization and happiness is daily meditation.

“It might be that there is still something in life which eludes the mere external success. Meditation is a gateway to one’s inner stability and true peace, love and happiness. Who wouldn’t want to be at peace with the world, and with oneself?” – Quote from the Transcendental Meditation website

Through my research and curiosity of the art of meditation I have come across an amazing and convincing list of benefits, and off cause, I want to share them with you:

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Benefits of Meditation:

  • Reduces stress
  • Builds up your pre-frontal cortex. The part of your brain that controls impulses and self-discipline.
  • Increases positive emotions.
  • Improves your performance, at work, in sports, and even in your social connections. Actually, it improves every area where you need to perform.
  • Increases life satisfaction.
  • Calms you down and makes you relaxed, thereby making you more present in the moment and tuned in to what’s going on in your surroundings.
  • Boosts your immune function.
  • Reduces the amount of brain deterioration that happens with age. You reduce memory loss and the risk of Alzheimer’s.
  • Decreases pain.
  • After years of serious meditation and focus it increases your likelihood of reaching a state of enlightenment. It’s been said, that when you reach the state of enlightenment your ego melts away and every negative emotion or feeling you ever experienced disappears. You feel at one with the universe. You see the inner connections of the world. You drop all the fears that you have, and life just becomes a joy in this present moment.
  • Decreases inflammation in your body.
  • Creates internal happiness. It’s a pure form of happiness without external triggers, such as food, TV, material things, drugs or alcohol. Happiness reached through meditation is a pure state of mind, free from worry about the future or the past. A state of mind that is present in the now and that finds joy and happiness in the smallest details of life.
  • As a therapy; if you do meditation on a regular basis (every day) you will start to experience different subconscious elements that start to appear in your conscious mind. This can be elements from your life that your ego has tried to forget or cover-up, but over time, as you meditate the way your mind works will start to change and old forgotten memories, old patterns and routines will start to emerge. – As they, one by one, start to show themselves, you will be forced to deal with them. As a result, your mind will slowly become re-programed as you start to let go of old baggage. It’s almost like a free therapy session, but much more graduate and spontaneous over a longer period of time.

These are just some of the massive benefits that meditation can bring. More research is still being done to figure out and document just how deep the power of meditation goes and what effects it can have on the human body and mind.

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Fun fact!

Some of the most influential and established people in the world swear by the power of daily meditation. The list is long and to mention them all would take forever, but I have handpicked a short but impressive list:

  1. The legendary and world-changing Oprah Winfrey
  2. The talented and kind Mr. Hugh Jackman
  3. The unstoppable and innovative Sir Richard Branson
  4. The force and entrepreneurial genius Marie Forleo
  5. The ground breaking and talented Sir Paul McCartney
  6. The beautiful and healthy Kris Carr
  7. The strong and inspiring Tina Turner
  8. The musical genius Sting
  9. The multitalented and gifted David Lynch.

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“For the first few months my jaw ached because I had a kind of dumb fixed smile of health stamped on my face” – Delfina Delettrez, Jewelry designer

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The benefits of meditation are obvious, but as we all know (or at least I hope I’m not the only one) the path from idea and thought to action and follow-through can be long and difficult.

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A promise to our future happiness

My mission is to incorporate 20 minutes of meditation every morning, lasting the rest of my life, and the intention is to document and learn from my journey, to see where it brings me and what it will do to the quality of my mind, body and life. I would love for you to join me and for you to become a part of this quest for a better mental clarity, happiness and focus.

If you don’t feel like you would be able to manage the silence and sit still for 20 minutes each day for the rest of your life, then no problem. You can always start out with something as simple at going for a walk. Leave your phone, IPad, and whatever technology you have, at home. Just take in nature and your own thoughts. Be in the present and let go of to-do-lists. Do some yoga, lay in the grass, do breathing exercises or anything else that slows you down and that makes you get out of your head. Over time, you will be able to wrap your head around the idea of taking time out of your busy schedule and just spend it on your much-deserved downtime.

It would be so much fun if we could do this together and share successes, failures, experiences and whatever comes our way. I will tune-in in the future and report on my progress and what I’ve learned on the way.

What is your experience with meditation? Do you have a daily meditation practice, and has any positivity come from it? I would love to hear about your experience and thought on the subject. Please leave a comment below!

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With love and happiness,


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