The Ultimate Guided Meditation Album

"Living Happy Meditation"

Tailored to help you create the life of your dreams.

Learn how to laugh, love and live more through relaxation and meditation

My goal in life and with Living Happy has always been; to help you be as happy, fulfilled and be as much in a space of love, as possible… and sometimes we need a bit of help and guidance to re-enter that space.

Living the good life/the life of your dreams, isn’t a constant and linier path or state of mind… We all have ups and downs. Sometimes, we need a bit of a reminder or nudge to get back on track and re-enter the mindset of ‘I can do this, I deserve this. I am worthy of this’… and for this reason alone I created the ‘Living Happy – Guided Meditation’ album!

The album is made up of 8 tracks, all tailored to different aspects of your life. In the album, there’s everything from when you wake up and want to set the right intention for the rest of the day (Good Morning, A Guided Meditation), a meditation focused on opening your mind and heart to love (Attracting Your Soulmate, A Guided Meditation), to a guided meditation that helps you destroy your own limitations in life (Freedom from All Limitations, A Guided Meditation…)

The album is easy to download to your preferred device – so, nothing is holding you back, if you prefer to listen to it on the go… tucked in on your bed… or if you want to enjoy it while working in your garden…


You’ll be able to listen to this album on your phone, tablet or laptop whenever you’re ready to either start off your day in the best way possible, re-focus your intentions in life or wind down at the end of the day!

Here's What You'll Find In The Album

  • Good Morning, A Guided Meditation
  • Receive Abundance, A Guided Meditation
  • Freedom From All Limitations, A Guided Meditation
  • Improving Your Self-Love, A Guided Meditation
  • The Quick Miracle, A Guided Meditation
  • Attracting Your Soulmate, A Guided Meditation
  • The Deep Relaxation, A Guided Meditation
  • A Restful Evening & Night, A Guided Meditation

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A Guided Meditation by Lise Rohde

In this meditation, I will guide you to a state of increased self-love… This meditation is a significant step in your journey to creating the life of your dreams… It will provide you with the tools needed to develop the emotional, visual and mental ability to love yourself wholeheartedly.